The organisation «Je-crois» en moi (JC) (french. I believe in myself) was started 2008 by Jörg Saabel for the purpose of promoting the fair play idea in sport, particularly, and for promoting an anti-doping prevention campaign. The JC-philosophy «Your trust in your strength is your success» is brought to the public of top level-  and mass sport by means of a support program for hopeful young talents who bindingly commit to honest sport without doping. The athletes serving as ambassadors, receive financial and material support from «Je-crois».
The young talents support program primarily finances itself through the sale of functional JC-sports and leisure wear, through high quality JC-symbol jewellery, as well as patron donations. Associated projects, such as the JC-Comeback- Prize or the JC-seminars for children and adolescents, underpin the social commitment and help to educate the awareness that you can reach your goals if you believe in yourself. 

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Everything about the organization at a glance: The JC-backgrounder
Answers to frequently asked questions: The JC-faq



The JC-owner

Jörg Saabel, born 1963, Ger


As the son of an agricultural machines wholesaler, his assistance in the company, which was managed over generations, started at an early age. «I knew every screw and every machine» For the company succession, he completed the corresponding training and let himself be fascinated by his father’s entrepreneurial thinking. He was to believe in himself, trust his abilities and thus reach his goals. Even though father and son went their separate ways, these words were characterising for his present support organisation «Je-crois». Jörg Saabel first started designing jewellery for friends and relatives and from the motivating idea «I believe in myself», created the symbol giving initials «JC». Not only as a football coach, did he encounter reports on doping offences. A «Cool and Clean» ambassador himself, this fact kept occupying his thoughts. He began to develop concepts for athletes and clubs based on the JC-philosophy. Today, his inventive commitment long since includes numerous campaigns and projects which develop further each year, and each year find more supporters and sympathizers.


Jörg Saabel is married and a father of two sons.